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Following a heart attack, Shreyas Talpade claims he was “clinically dead”: “Medicals Applied Electric Shock.”

<p>Shreyas Talpade, the actor, said that he was “clinically dead” after his health crisis a few weeks after suffering a heart attack. In a recent interview with the Times of India, Talpade said that when his heart stopped beating for ten minutes, medical professionals utilized electric shock to bring him back to consciousness.</p>
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<p>While Shreyas acknowledged that he had never previously been hospitalized, he also acknowledged that cardiac problems run in his family. “Jaan hai toh jahaan hai,” he continued, urging everyone to not take their lives for granted.</p>
<p>It was as if I had died. A major cardiac arrest occurred. A wake-up call would be putting it mildly. “This is my second opportunity at life,” he said to the news website.</p>
<p>Shreyas Talpade recalled how, on December 14, his wife Deepti hurried him to the hospital, saying, “After the last shot, I felt breathless and my left hand started paining.” I had trouble walking to my vanity car to change into new clothing. Since we were filming action scenes, I assumed it was a muscle strain. You do not consider the worst-case situation, correct? I had never felt this level of exhaustion before.</p>
<p>“I felt like I should go to the hospital right away as soon as I got in the vehicle, but I decided to drive home first. We drove to the hospital in less than ten minutes after my wife Deepti saw me in that condition. We could see the hospital gate as we got closer, but we had to do a U-turn since the entrance was blocked. My face became numb the very next instant, and I fainted. He went on, “That was a cardiac arrest.”</p>
<p>The actor went on to say that when his heart stopped beating, medical professionals shocked him back to life with electricity. “For those few minutes, my heart had ceased to beat. We were stalled in traffic, so Deepti had to crawl over me to get to the other side of the car so she could phone for assistance because she was unable to exit the vehicle from her side of the door. A couple folks hurried me inside and saved the day. I was revived by the CPR and electrical shock that the physicians performed,” he claimed.</p>
<p>Shreyas further said that he needed an angioplasty to implant a stent since his major arteries were clogged after the heart attack. The actor said that he is now living day by day and that he plans to return to work in a few weeks.</p>

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