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Aamir Khan, the bride’s father, dresses Ira Khan’s pre-wedding festivities in colorful casual wear

<p>The wedding preparations for Ira Khan, the daughter of Aamir Khan, are well on. She is prepared to marry her longtime partner, Nupur Shikhare. On Tuesday, the celebrations got underway in a most fashionable manner.</p>
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<p>The actor, whose understated manner has always been a hallmark of his style, made a statement during his daughter’s wedding by dressing in colorful casuals. He accessorized with striped harem trousers and a deep blue patterned Kenzo t-shirt. As he sat for photos with the press before to the wedding celebrations, his laid-back manner was evident. He finished the appearance with spectacles and plain, open-toe shoes. Reena Dutt and Kiran Rao were also seen at the Haldi event, and they undoubtedly contributed to its amazing fashion.</p>
<p>Kiran Rao and Reena Dutt, Aamir Khan’s ex-wives, arrived looking stunning in nauvarisarees, radiating ethnic grace. They both chose vibrant, stunning sarees for the customary Maharashtrian haldi ceremony. Kiran looked stunning in a lavender and gold saree, while Reena chose a dark green nauvari saree with red and gold borders. We took notice of how effortlessly they nailed wedding attire like no one else.</p>
<p>We can’t wait for Ira Khan to dress up for her nuptials, which have started.</p>

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